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In september hebben we weer een water weekend gehad, we hebben wat mooie foto’s gemaakt van de 3 boten op het water. Deze wilde ik toch ff delen.

Epica – The holographic principle


Just noticed the new Epica ablum and guess what.. i like it..   1. Eidola Idolam kwam creamus alimus, oramus Ferimur simulacris fictis antiquis et futuris Omnia solent fieri Hoc tempore atque nunc et semper Fictie fallimur, non vivimus sine mora Elimina illecebras fugantes nos Vaca a timore et tempore Animam libera nunc Ut liberes te a tempore et abs timore Tu solus eo modo facturus et veritatem semper tuam 2. Edge Of The Blade […]

Carbon Microphone conversion


Sinds I have a SEM-35 I have noticed that the mic really sucks (excuse me for the langue). But these carbon microphones have a tendency to become clothed. It come with age and moisture. So after searching the web i found a side that has nice description how to convert it to a electret microphone. The site is in dutch, so i’ll try to translate some passages. The site and source of this info in dutch can be […]

JOTA 2016 – Preparations ATV


This year during the 40th JOTA at my Scouts Club we wanted to do something new and different. As this will be the 40th time PA0AKS/J will be active, and the last time under his super vision. So we are building an ATV station. Here are some specs: RX : 10.3Ghz Hardware: Philips Satellite reciever, LNB with an 9Ghz L.O. (resulting in an 23cm rx at the output). TX:  13c, (2330Mhz) Hardware: Gigawave 10Watt TX, […]



At my birthday party someone showed up with a awesome old radio. An old SEM-35 manpack radio. SEM-35 Specifications Frequency Coverage 26 to 69.95MHz Channels 880 spaced 50kHz Modulation F3 (FM) Deviation 15kHz max. Transmitter RF Output 150 mW or 1Watt Frequency Stability < + 3.5kHz from -40 to +600C Receiver Sensitivity < 0.5 micro volts for 10db reduction in S/N Receiver Selectivity > 80db at + 50kHz AF bandwidth 400 to 3000Hz Receiver AF […]

HSB – Wernigerode Vacation 2016

Kopieer van 20160728_184210_1

It’s hissing, it’s steaming, it’s thudding … through the heart of the magical mountain world of our Harz, past the romantic Selketal valley, all the way up to the Brocken. We, the Harz Narrow Gauge Railways, are one of the world’s last great steam adventures, with 25 steam locomotives. On our 140.4 kilometre, 1000 mm gauge network, experience our steam locomotives in action every day. Experience this network – made up of the Harzquerbahn, Selketalbahn […]

De Vloot


Onder tussen hebben we bij de waterscouts een aardige vloot aan boten opgebouwd. Met 20 kids zit je nou eenmaal aan 4 boten vast. 5 kids op een boot is meer dan genoeg. Lelievletjes: Zeilnummer / Naam Bouwjaar Kleur Eerste seizoen vaarklaar Bijzonderheden 014 1956 Geel 2016 – 2017 in 2015 toegevoegd aan de vloot 283 1965 Bruin 2013-2014 in 2013 toegevoegd aan de vloot 384 1966 Oranje 2015-2016 in 2015 toegevoegd aan de vloot […]

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